Best Property Agency / Consultancy Website for the UK

Flambard Williams are thrilled to announce that our BRAND NEW website has picked up an instant award for best Property Agency / Consultancy Website for the UK.

When our team first had discussions about an online shake up our key focus was based around just a few key fundamentals; aesthetics being one of course, previous user interaction and what does a potential new investor want to do when they first land onto our homepage. Using this previous data we found that lots of information at the beginning with a long homepage was not the answer, users that were incoming to our website were regularly going directly to the same link for investment pages without ever really scrolling down the homepage at all.

Our goal now from seeing this information plus other data was to design something that was instant on arrival. The new design needed to be easy and obvious with what to do for the new incoming user in finding exactly what they wanted quickly. Time is money after all!

The New Design

First thing you can clearly see is the box in the centre of the page, this provides excellent and quick access to available properties in a chosen area in just seconds.  The menu has also been trimmed for the same purpose, you have Buy, Sell, and Let (which has a dropdown of Short Term and Long Term let options) which is pretty self explanatory when it comes to finding what you want fast.

Now, it’s not just the homepage that has changed of course and it is not the only reason we won, the look across the whole website has a brand new feel to it and we have some great features and news such as regular webinars and blogs regarding the buy-to-let market. I won’t put it all into this blog however as you will likely need to come back tomorrow to get to the end of it. Saying that please see for yourself and see if you agree with the award that we have just won. I have put a few links below for some direct access and you can go from there.

Properties  |  Skylet (Short Term Let)  |  FW Lettings  |  Chatham Waters

Entering into the Property Market

If you have thought about investing into the property market but would like some advice or just further information please fill out you details below and one of our brokers would be more than happy to help.



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