Understanding Brexit

Not sure about you, but Brexit has now become so confusing it’s difficult to know which way is up! Everyone has a view, and everyone thinks their view is right. In truth there is no right or wrong answer, but there has to be some answer, and soon! In truth as time passes it is looking more and more likely that there will be a delay, and that the decision will be pushed further out, and it seems that this view is beginning to gather some support from Parliamentarians across all parties as a short term reprieve is necessary to find a suitable solution/deal and not blindly go to a no deal scenario which is akin to jumping from a plane without a parachute? That can only end one way, disaster.

To date, we have had various plans proposed as a variant on the ‘May’ deal. Norway plus, Canada plus, a Turkey style deal, or WTO. All of these have their merits but none offer a deal that is palatable, so they all fall short of an ideal. Parliament in it’s attempts to stop the ‘May’ deal have resorted to re-enacting ancient parliamentary laws that were last used some 200 years ago to rest control of the Brexit process from the Government. For us the public who voted, these goings on are becoming ever more frustrating, and rather than moving forward it would appear that Parliament are harking back to an era when democracy was in it’s infancy in attempt to achieve a result that suits them and not us the voting public. So with no majority one way or the other and Jeremy Corbyn trying to politicise the Brexit story we are stuck at an impasse.

So where does all this leave us? Good question. It remains our opinion that we could be watching this ‘soap opera’ unfold for many more months, and possibly years, and remain sat on the sidelines doing nothing. If that is something you wish to do then that’s fine, but it is our opinion that you can never pick a perfect moment to enter into a market, but as long as the numbers are right, and the property is the one you want, then over the period of the property this moment in time will be a blip, possibly a minor blip, but certainly no doubt one of many!

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