The Great British Getaway

Staycations, or Holistays as they are also known, are fast becoming popular with the UK holiday market as Brexit starts to bite on the cost of holidays abroad. It would seem however, that there are some people benefitting from the Brexit chaos, such as the UK holiday industry. Not only are visitors from abroad flooding here as the currency makes the UK a very attractive choice, but uncertainty in the UK has led holidaymakers to shun hotspots in Europe and further afield in favour of holidaying in the UK.

Holiday companies have seen demand rapidly increase in the last 6-12 months across the country, with this trend set to continue. Research revealed at the end of last year that in 2019 alone, 36% of Brits will opt for staycations. An article published recently in the Sun highlighted this trend and a CEO of a leading holiday firm explained: “Holidaymakers have so many unanswered questions about how European travel could be impacted next year. They are worried about whether they can still take their pets on holiday in Europe, they are concerned about the impact on the exchange rates for Euros and they are even questioning what it means for the passports they currently hold.”

He went on to say: “Cornwall remains an extremely popular UK holiday destination but we have popular, busy parks in Scotland, Yorkshire, Derbyshire as well as Cornwall all offering something different. We are already experiencing record-breaking advance sales so wherever people decide to holiday in the UK my advice would be to book sooner rather than later.

“Demand is high and Brexit looks set to be very unclear for the foreseeable future.”

As can be seen from the evidence above, the UK is witnessing unprecedented growth in the tourist industry, and with places like Cornwall on offer, demand for quality accommodation, a home from home is now looking ever more important. Of course, there are many that will use hotels, with campsites and the like still popular, but more and more clients are becoming more selective with their choice and with the advent of Airbnb and the like are demanding holiday villas/homes/apartments.

This leads us onto our latest development that we are about to launch. The properties are water facing front line properties, sat quayside overlooking a beautiful bay, adjacent to miles of award winning sandy beaches and next door to the beautiful Cornish town of St Ives. This part of the world has great surf, plenty of historic sites, great walks and glorious restaurants, and is the destination of choice for many holidaymakers, those with a more discerning taste, and those that will appreciate what Hayle Quay has to offer. What better than to sit on your apartment’s balcony watching the beautiful Ibiza-style sunset?

So, how does this story help you the investor? Well, that’s easy, as mentioned previously here, FHL properties are very efficient, they offer great returns and can have many tax advantages that standard AST’s do not offer. As such, we are looking at this latest development as a great opportunity to capitalise on a market little tapped and one where returns are exceptional, add to that the fact that we are offering this as an off-market opportunity and one where we will provide our clients the Skylet™ product to manage their property, allowing them to sit back and relax and enjoy the fruits of their labour.



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