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Nikki Porter

What a start to 2021!

Last year the biggest question on everyone’s lips was ” Does bricks and mortar still make a concrete investment”… and this year, the figures are speaking for themselves.

With the North West seeing growth rates heading north of 6% (twice the rate of London) and yields moving into the double digits I have a lot of happy clients coming back for seconds, and thirds making February my biggest month in business!

“What’s Changed” you ask?

Well there are a number of factors coming into play; we’ve had the stamp duty holiday extension, budget announcements regarding the 95% mortgages, and the added bonus of mortgage rates being as low as 1.4%. If you add a volatile stock market into the mix, the property market has become a real safe haven for many of my clients wanting to minimise risk and look at stable investment opportunities to ensure their long term goals can be met.

As the saying goes, a goal without a plan is just a wish. So whether you are looking to achieve financial freedom, paying for your children’s future education, or setting up a retirement plan it’s important you have a plan in place to get there, and the sooner you start the sooner you get there! My favourite thing to do with my clients is helping them to come up with a strategy to get that end result in the most effective way possible for them, and then working with them to make it happen.

I feel it’s going to be an exciting year for the market and I’m excited to see my clients investments pay off, as well as working with new investors looking to take advantage of the many benefits available right now!

flambard williams invest

My favourite development right now is Albion Mill in Manchester as I’ve recently secured an apartment in here and feel it’s excellent value due to location, the unique styling of the development and the fact it’s ready now and can generate immediate returns. The development is perfectly situated on various commuter lines, with a tram stop only a stone’s throw away and Piccadilly Station a 10 minutes power walk ( if you’re trying not to miss the train back to London!).

From the 2002 Commonwealth Games to MediaCityUK, Manchester’s city centre infrastructure has received significant investment and many urban areas with industrial heritage have benefitted as a result; creating vibrant new living and working communities that offer the perfect balance between contemporary style and convenience. For me, this city is more established than many of the others and makes for a much more defensive location to invest in and grow or start a portfolio.

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