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Shannice Fredericks

Helping clients achieve their financial goals through the likes of buy to let property is a real rewarding process, but more importantly building new connections and maintaining a long term relationship with my clients is very important to me. There are of course, the apprehensive clients who I speak to who would love to start their portfolios and have money gathering dust in the bank but are not sure where to start, what company to use and importantly, if now is the right time; which is completely normal, as buying a property is not like buying a bag (in my case).

One of my main aims is to help clients feel at ease with their search by pointing them in the right direction with regards to cities that have huge amounts of regeneration happening to ensure solid capital appreciation and strong yields. This for many, is not always in the local areas of where clients live, and with 60% of our clients being based overseas its of an upmost importance that we offer a video call with our clients to make sure they know who they are working with, go through the cities in further detail and discuss financial breakdowns to make sure everyone is fully at ease before making such investment.

Recently, our studies show that buyer demand is growing, especially if I compare my numbers with this time last year. So, its great to hear so many people are willing to start their portfolios and make their hard earned money work harder than it currently is. Additionally, we are seeing that high buyer demand is outstripping new supply and therefore helping to push up prices despite the challenging economic backdrop.

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One of my favourite developments is The Block (Keel Wharf) in Liverpool city centre on the waterfront, simply due to it offering something different to everything else on the market.

The development offers the benefits of off plan, by buying at a massive discount but not having to wait for the whole structure to be built. The development is simply going through a complete transformation and has a track record of delivering 10% NET returns on a short term let, which is phenomenal. Now, I know what you must be thinking… short term lets in this climate?

Which is a relevant point to make, and something that we have taken into consideration with all clients when selling this property. This is not due to be completed until the back end of the year and clients have the option to let out on a short term or a traditional let, but we do actually feel there will be a massive boost in demand on short term rental properties due to less people travelling overseas. So, for me, this offers the best of both worlds with the high growth and income. If you are seriously considering starting your portfolio or even adding to your current portfolio, then you are in the right place at the right time, so lets get things moving for you! 

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