1. The Promoter
The Promoter is:
1.1 Flambard Williams, company number 08199495, registered address 146 New London Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM4 0AW.

2. Entry Requirements
2.1 Entry is limited to person of 18 years of age or over.
2.2 The promoter may request the entrant to provide proof of eligibility to enter the competition.
2.3 In the event of a dispute over the eligibility of the winner, The Promoter reserves the right to chose another winner.
2.4 The Promoter cannot accept entry forms which are incomplete.
2.5 Each entrent is limited to a maximum of 2500 entries.
2.6 The Promoter reserves the rights to disqualify any entrant if the feel they have breached the Terms and Conditions.

3. The Competition
3.1 Each entry will be charged at £15.00 which is non-refundable.
3.2 In order to enter you have to complete an entry form which will be a question of skill, judgement or knowledge. The question must be correct in order to be placed in the draw.
3.3 The entry form will include your name, full address including postcode, email and telephone number.
3.4 The opening date of the competition is 2nd Jan 2017.
3.5 The closing date of the competition will be 1st March 2019 or after the sale of 25,000 tickets, whichever takes place first.
3.6 If the promoter does not sell the 25,000 they have the right to offer a cash prize. The cash prize will be after all costs have been taken out.
3.7 The costs will include VAT, a booking fee of £1, a charitable donation of 10% and 20% fee for the Promoter.

4. The Prize
4.1 The prize is a apartment 70, Centenary House, Leeds, LS4 8JS. This will include Stamp Duty and Legal Fees. This is a new build property which is being developed and will be part of a grade 2 listed building.
4.4 The winner is bound by the terms and conditions and will transfer the title into their name within 30 days from the end date of the competition.
4.3 The winner will use a regulated solicitor of The Promoter’s choice in order to process the transaction and register the title with HMRC.
4.4 The Promoter does not guarantee the resale value of the property nor the structural condition of the property. Before entering the competition entrants should rely on legal advice and their own enquiries to ensure the prize is suitable.
4.5 The winner is responsible for all other costs associated with the property apart from those quoted in The promoter reserves the right to substitute the prize for a cash prize.

5. The Winner
5.1 The announcement will be made 7 working days after the closing date of the competition.
5.2 The promoter is not liable for any error the enterent makes on the entry form regardless of cause including but not limited to software failures, IT problems, internet issues or any other problems of any kind.
5.3 Entries cannot be transferred or refunded.

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I am pleased with my relationship with FW. Communication 4000 miles away and different time zone and weekend holidays was very effective and personal.

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Martyn Taylor provided consistently professional service, patience, and professionalism as we negotiated the purchase of an investment property from abroad. His knowledge and expertise are exemplary and I commend him, his colleagues, and the company for their courtesy.

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I recall working through Flambard Williams to acquire my first property. Having met more real estate agents (over 50). I found them to follow up on everything. All concerns such as location, development company, solicitors, payment reminders were handled by them. They have local knowledge of the areas and are aware of the development and the surrounding. I do wish they also had a unit for London and other cities.


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