SkyLet Vs. Traditional Lettings: Revolution or Evolution?

How do you as a buy to let investor manage to stay in a market and get the returns that you used to 2-3 years ago, in a market more constrained and less conducive to renting out property?

Well, we believe we have the answer, and it’s a solution that we offer our clients exclusively, a fully managed, hassle free and lucrative alternative to the standard short and long-term tenancies. So, rather than give up on the buy to let market look to evolve, open your minds and embrace the flexibility that our new short-term rental service, SkyLet can offer.

How Does it Work?

So, how does it work? This is simple, we sign your property up and from there it’s up to us to the source, let and manage your property. We do this through corporate contacts, portals such as Airbnb and various other outlets. Once we have your property you no longer have to worry, that’s our job. We deal with the handover, cleaning (both the apartment and linen and towels), we arrange entry to the property using our smart lock system and we deal with any issues that may arise during the let.

The Future of The Rental Market

SkyLet is the future for the rental market, but like all new ideas, you may need some convincing. How do you achieve the returns you boast of? Simply put, when you let your property on a very short-term let, the amount you can charge is far greater than even those of a short-term let. On average 6 nights rental on these terms would match an entire months’ rental on a standard let. On a property renting for £800 per month just 64 nights, a year at £150 per night would attain the same yearly rate. With figures like that you can now see how easy it is to reach the kind of returns you can only dream of, just renting your property using this method we believe you can comfortably double your returns in any given year by letting your property for just 4 months.   

Exceptional Benefits

Why else do we like these type of rentals? Again this is simple, the clients that use your property will be corporate clients here on business, or tourists visiting the city or friends and relatives, but the one thing they all have in common is that they are unlikely to spend too much time locked away in your property. The corporate client will use it as a bolthole to escape to when away from work, but typically clients like that are visiting to get work done and will spend less time sitting in your apartment. So why don’t they stay in hotels? well, that’s simple, many of us would have been away on business and realise that when you do get down time it is nice to relax in a home based in a central location, not locked in your hotel room sitting on the bed doing work or eating. It is that simple, corporate clients are big business and they now demand high-quality properties in city central locations. Tourists and the like are not dissimilar, except they spend even less time at your property, they are mainly there to see the sights and immerse themselves in the local scene, not something you can achieve sat in your apartment.

As you can see the idea is simple, it is just that to benefit from this ever-changing market you need a modern forward-looking company that embraces change and uses it to enhance their client’s returns. So make the switch, evolve to the new flexible rental market of tomorrow, and enjoy the returns your investment should be offering you today.


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