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Located in the prime Minami district

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Peak Namba, Osaka

The Peak Namba in Osaka is a brand new development located in the prime Minami district, one of the busiest core area in Osaka. Osaka is perfectly positioned in the west Japan, also the economic powerhouse of the Kansai Region. Equipped with sprawling network of train lines, Osaka makes the great base to get to famous neighbouring cities like Kyoto, Kobe, Nara and beyond. Hence, boosting up the legalized Airbnb-style accommodations in Osaka.

Why Invest in Peak Namba, Osaka

Japanese Government predicts 2 trillion yen (US$17.7billion) in revenue and growth of real estate markets so the Peak Namba is a golden opportunity in the heart of Osaka. The city will play host to the G20 summit in 2019, Tokyo Olympics in 2020 & the Gaming Expo in 2024 with these tourist attracting events supplementing Japan’s already strong R&D industries. The world will see a golden age for Japan, with Osaka ranking as the most important city in the world. Osaka will Also be hosting the 2025 World Expo forecasted to attract more than 28 million domestic and foreign guests.

Peak Namba Location

An exquisite development within a prime location, connecting you to the best of Osaka has to offer. It is just 7-min to Nankai Electric Railway (Namba Station), 9-min to Namba City,  10-min to Takashimaya, 1-min walk to Nipponbashi DENDEN Town (Osaka’s Akihabara) and 6-min to Namba Parks.

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Property Highlights

  • Competition Q3 2020

  • 1-min walk to Nipponbashi DENDEN Town

  • 6-min to Namba Parks

  • 7-min to Nankai Electric Railway

  • 9-min to Namba City

  • 10-min to Takashimaya

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