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One of the UK’s most diverse and multicultural cities

Nebula, Sheffield

Nebula in Sheffield is an outstanding new development of student accommodation positioned within a rich, diverse, multicultural city that has earned its reputation for being one of the friendliest and safest major cities in the UK.

Nebula is a purpose-built student accommodation building comprising of 152 units over 7 levels and offering 147 student en-suite bedrooms, 4 studios and one premier penthouse on the top floor. The student bedrooms are arranged in apartments of 3-6 units, each sharing a deluxe communal area complete with top of the range kitchen, dining area and lounge. The studios and penthouses at Nebula are more private and self contained to include their own kitchen and dining area; perfect for a student who wants the luxury of more space.

Why Invest in Nebula?

Nebula’s low entry prices and huge rental demand mean Sheffield is one of the UK’s hotspots for investors chasing the highest yields. What’s Sheffield’s USP? Two renowned and growing universities. 63,000 students. A low purpose-build student accommodation (PBSA) stock with 25% rental premiums. Coupled with a young population searching for a place to live whilst studying, this makes Sheffield the obvious choice for student property investment. Brimming with activities and opportunities, Sheffield is a location that always has demand for more purpose-built student accommodation.

Nebula Location

The Nebula development has an excellent central location, with both universities just a 10-minute walk away and Sheffield city centre on its doorstep. All amenities, shopping and entertainment are moments away, perfect for students searching for quality accommodation with the best the city has to offer.

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Nebula student accommodation development in Sheffield completion 2020 Flambard Williams
Nebula student accommodation development in Sheffield completion 2020 Flambard Williams
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floorplan L2 Nebula student accommodation in Sheffield Flambard Williams
floorplan L3 Nebula student accommodation in Sheffield Flambard Williams
floorplan L5 Nebula student accommodation in Sheffield Flambard Williams
floorplan L6 Nebula student accommodation in Sheffield Flambard Williams
floorplan L7 Nebula student accommodation in Sheffield Flambard Williams
floorplan L8 Nebula student accommodation in Sheffield Flambard Williams

May 2022

December 2021

November 2021

June 2021

We have had word that the completion of Nebula is estimated at 6 weeks.

The remaining works to the exterior are;
Sawtooth elevation windows and landscaping
Fitting of the lifts
Ground floor studios and communal area
Decorate throughout

February 2021

Summary of works are as follows:
• Fitting of AOVs (Ventilation systems) to the roof are now complete
• Modifications to existing and fitting of new windows are complete to the central and rear elevations.
• Metal cladding and curtain walling to the saw tooth elevation has been stripped ready for fitting new system. Glazing for these and the remaining windows have now been delivered.
• Below ground drainage & connection to the main Sewer is now complete and utilities have been connected.
Remaining works include:
• Ground floor walling, first and second fix
• Fire stopping and remaining plastering
• Joinery and remaining second fix and kitchen works
• Flooring
Due to delays in the build experienced last year, the inability for overseas students to travel and the University yet to open during the 2020 / 21 academic year, completion has unfortunately been postponed until August. The developer and master contractor do not wish to rush the remaining works when there is little likelihood that students will return until the new academic year.
Works have begun on the show apartments and will be completed by the end of February allowing students to view and book rooms as soon as they are able to return to University.
We will post photos of the completed show apartments in the next update.
Should you wish to visit the site when lockdown restrictions are lifted, this will by appointment only and discussed with your sales representative.

March 2020

The last site inspection undertaken by Harborough-London Ltd was on the 27/02/2020 and the next site meeting is due to be held on the 26/03/2020.

Elite Engineering have now issued their 10th site application on the 27th of February 2020 which will see them 60% through there order value and programmed works.

The mechanical side have had an average of 6 workers on site and have completed:
• All the hot water storage works pending tests/commissioning
• 75% of the required works within the plant room
• 75% of all building ventilation with only 1st and ground floors and external vent covers left to complete
• 70% of all hot and cold-water services, this is currently first fixed down from 6th floor down to 1st floor and 2nd fixed at floors 6, 5 and 4 with works continuing downwards.
• 60% of the dry riser installation
• 90% of the above ground drainage which has been checked and completed awaiting testing results
• 30% of all the insulation to pipe works

The electrical side have an average of 6 workers on site and have completed:
• 80% of all mains electrical switchgear (the main electric incoming within the plant room and equipment that divides it to provide the building)
• 60% of sub main distribution cabling installed (the cables between the plant room and apartments)
• 45% of all consumer units (the electrical switch/fuse board within each apartment)
• 50% of all metering
• 80% of all cable containment
• 50% of all communal lighting (the lights to the corridors and general circulation areas)
• 50% of the communal small power (the electric outlets in corridors, for cleaners, and general use)
• 60% of student small power (the sockets within the cluster rooms and studios)
• 60% of student lighting (the lighting within the cluster rooms and studios)

We are pending statutory connections being connected, but they have also tested what they can that does not need the statutory connections and are currently 35% complete on testing also across both the Mechanical and Electrical.

Sanitaryware is now being ordered to begin installation in the next period as all risers are now first fixed and ready, they are also continuing the following works:
• Electrical 2nd Fix to 3rd Floor
• 1st Fix 1st and Ground Floors
• Risers at Ground Floor
• Plant Room installation
• Ground Floor Vents
• Statutory Connection requirements

The specialist electrical installer (Federal) have installed and tested Data, TV, Fire, CCTV and Disabled refuge first fix on 2nd and 1st floors with this to commence on ground floor in the next period.
They have also 2nd fixed the fire alarm in bedrooms and kitchens on floors 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 including testing. Data, TV and Wi-Fi is also second fixed in bedrooms and kitchens on floors 6, 5, 4, and 3. There next payment application is due today and will see them at 65% completed of there order.

Aston Lynch who are both supplying and installing the windows started onsite in January and have installed 97 window frames to date. 42 of these are also glazed and complete with these works continuing. There are a further 35 windows to arrive on the 19th of March in line with there current programme. As previously reported, this is slower than anticipated and now 5 days behind programme due to H&S requirements and rectification works being undertaken to cavity closers during each installation also. However, this is not directly impacting the overall programme.

The building inspector is undertaking site inspections; however, we are still awaiting written confirmation of the approvals given while onsite previously.

The onsite labour have progressed the MF Ceiling to the corridors and so far, have installed all the perimeter sections ready to carry the core infill and plasterboard finish. They have also made all the penetrations required by the trades currently onsite and are 75% through filling these back in ready for finishing trades.

The plastering contractor has completed the interim works required and the draft order has now been prepared for the full works, this is awaiting final approval and they are looking to start in this next period. The staircase contractor is currently underway installing staircase 1. The remedial steelworks required to the lift shaft have been completed which pushed this element 9 days behind programme however the second staircase has been manufactured awaiting delivery to site following staircase 1 completion to ensure consistency.

The cladding supports are still purposely being delayed by the site team due to working restrictions in the area these are required as previously reported.

The Millner associate’s timber specialist report is also under review by the consultant team and we continue discussions with the warranty provider.

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