Luxury new-build residential development in Liverpool’s historic waterfront

Set in Liverpool’s historic waterfront area close to Albert Dock, Kings Dock Mill is a new build property development of luxury 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments and townhouses. The location is perfect for city workers, young professionals and post graduates looking for the convenience of city living and Liverpool’s famed nightlife and social attractions.

As a new build development, Kings Dock Mill will feature all of the latest technology and fittings demanded by modern tenants, including wooden floors, low voltage LED lighting and contemporary furniture and offer investors a fantastic 7% NET yield, assured for 3 years through an award winning letting agent with over 10 years experience.

Liverpool has an acknowledged housing shortage and properties such as Kings Dock Mill are highly sort after, meaning rental demand will be high. Liverpool also has a thriving financial sector and a city economy second only to London, which attracts many young professionals from around the UK and while property in the city still remains affordable, this provides the perfect opportunity for investors looking to capitalise on the UK Government’s Northern Powerhouse initiative.

Property Highlights

  • 1 - 3 Beds
  • 1 - 2 Baths
  • 50 - 93 sq.m
  • Hurst Street
    Liverpool. L1 8DA
  • Below Market Value
  • Assured 7% NET yield
  • Modern Luxury Apartments
  • Prime Location
  • Historic Waterfront Area
  • Short Walk to City Centre
  • Fully Managed Investment
  • High Rental Demand
  • Completion Due Q3 2018

August 2018

Zone 1 -

- 1st fix boarding – 100% complete

- Plastering has commenced – 6 No. flats complete. Goal for W/E 10/08/18 – 5 floors fully plastered and complete.

- 1st fix M&E – 100% complete.

- Mist coating to start – 13/08/18

- Doors ordered – due on site early September.

- Brickwork – 60% complete

- Curtain wall – 85% complete.

- Render – 75% complete

Zone 2 -

- 1st fix boarding – 90% complete

- 1st fix M&E – 70% complete

- Brickwork – 20% complete. 3 No. gangs due to start on Zone 3 – 06/08/18 with a view to completing in 2 months

Curtain wall – 50% complete

Zone 3

- Roof – 90% complete.

- SFS - 50% complete, with a view to having the elevations closed in within 1.5 weeks.

- Windows on site to start being fitted to the 1st 5 floors – 06/08/18.

- Self levelling concrete to be poured to the 1st 5 floors – Thursday 09/08/18.

- Internals due to start 13/08/18.

- Roof to commence – 20/08/18

- Lift installation due to start – 27/08/18.

Zone 4

- Steel, concrete floors and concrete cores for the 2 No. lifts and 2 No stairs – 100% complete.

- SFS ordered and due to be fitted 20/08/18.

- Render primed ready to start to the concrete face of the cores – 20/08/18.

- Roof to commence – 20/08/18

- Lift installation due to start – 27/08/18.

Zone 5

- Steel and concrete floors due to start – 06/08/18. 3 month duration to complete.

May 2018

- All internal wall 1st fixed up to the 10th floor. Only the penthouse remains.
- Progressing with 1st fix M&E - all complete up to the 4th floor.
- All punch windows fitted - frames, EPDM and glazing.
- Curtain wall progressing to Hurst Street - view to Zone 1 being complete within 5 weeks.
- Rendering to the courtyard due to start this week - all materials on site.
- 2nd fix boarding and ceilings due to start W/C 14/05/18- plastering to start end of May.
- Kitchens and door sets due to be ordered W/C 07/05/18.
- Brickwork on going – 25% complete.

- SFS and plywood complete to the courtyard elevation.
- Punch windows due to be fitted to the courtyard elevation by W/E 11/05/18.
- Agilia 75mm concrete pour to floors on going with all floors being complete by 11/05/18.
- 1st fix dry-lining due to start 07/05/18.
- SFS on going to the Hurst Street elevation - 60% complete.
- Joisting on going to duplex apartments to the GF and to the 10th.
- Joisting to balconies - 90% complete.
- All fire protection complete.
- Roof works due to start 08/05/18 - 2-3 weeks to complete (weather permitting).

- Steel frame and 200mm concrete floors 60% complete - to be complete by W/E 18/05/18.
- Sub brickwork and drainage complete - prepare and pour the GF slab W/C 14/05/18
- Fire protection to steel to start 08/05/18.
- Roof works to progress immediately from Zone 2 completion.

- Stair core 1 & 2, Lift risers 1 & 2 and meter riser craned into position up to the 3rd floor.
- Stairs fitted to the 3rd floor.
- Steel due to start (to stitch into the cores) - 03/05/18.
- Floors due W/C 08/05/18.
- Next lift of stair and lift cores & stairs from the 4th floor to the 6th floor due 14/05/18.
- Zone 4 structure is due to be complete middle to end of June.
- 3No lifts on order with a 12 week lead in time.

- Due to accelerate steel and floor installation with a 2nd crane and erection gang end of May / beginning of June.

- Utilities - electric and gas designs approved.
- Power on scheduled for October 2018.
- Water designs imminent.
- 95% of all sub-contractor packages are let.
- All punch windows, sliding doors & curtain wall are manufactured up to Zone 5 and stored, ready for call off.
- As soon as openings are formed to the building envelope, they will be filled almost immediately.

February 2018

- Zone 2 & 3 steel and concrete floors to be complete by end of March 2018
- All foundations to be complete to all zones by middle of February 2018
- Zone 1 envelope to be cloaked by the end of February / beginning of March 2018
- Zone 1 brickwork to start end of February 2018
- Precast stair cores and lift risers to commence to Zone 4 – end of March 2018
- Window installation to start to Zone 1 end of February 2018
- Roof works starting to Zone 1 – 12/02/18
- M&E 1st fix & internal dry lining 1st fix to commence to Zone 1 - 19/02/18

January 2018

- Mast climbers and hoist now installed
- Zone 1 Roof works to commence 08/02/18 with a view to completing within 2-3 weeks
- Zone 1 1st fix M&E, window installation, 1st fix partitions to commence 19/02/18
- Zone 1 brickwork and rendering to commence – 05/03/18
- Zone 2 steel – 20% complete, with a view to completing end of March 2018
- Zone 3 steel due to start 19/02/18 and complete end of March 2018 with concrete floor installation
- Zone 4 precast stair cores and lift risers due to start installation end of March 2018

December 2017

- The packages for sub-contractors are 95% let
- Groundworks to all 6 Zones – 90% complete
- Foundations for the lift shaft to Zone 5 to complete by 23/02/18
- Zone 1 steel and concrete floor slabs – 100% complete
- Zone 1 drainage & slab works – 100% complete
- Zone 1 fire protection to steel – 40% complete
- Zone 1 SFS and weather boarding (cloaking of the envelope & forming of window and door openings) – 30% complete

October 2017

- Currently progressing with groundworks – foundations, drainage and steel frame works
- Piling is 100% complete
- Foundations – pile caps and beams – 60% complete
- Drainage starting 09/10/17
- The original designs have been changed to a more advantageous process regarding time and cost
- The intention is to utilise the crane to its maximum potential – lifting in precast floor units, lift shaft and stair core
- The re-designs are 90% complete
- The project is being built in 6 Zones to allow each zone to progress one after the other
- The steel frame for Zone 1 is currently in manufacture and is being fed to site to start the erection process from 03/10/17
- There is cranage on site and will be on site for the next 7 months or so
- The packages for sub-contractors are 80% let with a view of establishing all liabilities before the end of 2017

June 2017

- All necessary insurances are in place
- All future sub-contractors have been or are in the process of being engaged
- The level of ground has been reduced by an average of 500mm to accommodate the finished floor level
- This equates to approx. 4,000 tonnes of earth transported from site in total since inception
- Installation of drainage connections to existing on site mains
- Temporary water connection to site is now complete
- The main foul and storm water drainage for the site is now connected to Liverpool City Council’s mains system

May 2017

- The existing warehouse on the site has been fully demolished
- All ground investigation reports have been completed
- Reports have been submitted to Liverpool City Council and all items discharged
- The full procurement schedule has been finalised and signed-off
- The structural engineer submitted the piling detail to Liverpool building control and the warranty insurers
- The primary and secondary steel frame drawings have been completed and checked

December 2016

- Security hoardings were erected along with site access points
- Site fully cleared

March 2016

- Remaining rubble is being cleared and the roof structure fully removed
- Now the site is ready for ground works

February 2016

- Demolition of the original site has commenced

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