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New Year, New Resolutions

Well, where did 2017 go?

For me, this year has flown by and like most people after a great night of celebration, when the bells chime in the New Year I will be making pledges to myself to go to the gym more, live a healthy lifestyle and be a better person. There will be other more silent promises I make to myself, along the lines of, be more sensible with my money and save for the future! Well like most New Year’s resolutions, 2 months in I will have stopped going to the gym, my lifestyle will revert to the norm, and my financial planning will not have changed. Well this year let’s break that cycle, the cycle of not keeping your New Year’s resolutions, and start planning for you and your family’s future. It is never too late to start building a property portfolio and anyone who has started on this road knows that you have to begin somewhere and that starts with your first property.

These days money sat in the bank is not where it should reside, rates, despite rising, are still near all time lows, meaning your money on deposit is actually losing money with inflation sat around 3%. Conversely prices in Bond and Equity markets remain near all time highs, meaning yields on property remains attractive to investors, and demand in the rental sector continues to rise pushing yields higher still. See below a quote from RICS that states that despite the change in tax law in April this year Rental demand continues unabated: “This supply/demand mismatch is expected to squeeze rents higher during the year ahead,” a Rics spokesman said. “This is generally the case across the whole of the UK, although London is a slight exception, where respondents envisage virtually no rental growth over the coming 12 months.”

What does all this mean to you the investor, are you too late? where should I buy? how do I get started ? Well here at flambard Williams we are here to help, with our dedicated team of property brokers, research team and after sales care department. It is our job to help tailor your search for the ideal property, and deliver on your expectations.

Why use a broker? Easy, we offer properties that are off market, but what does that mean? This means that the properties we sell are not to be found on Rightmove or Zoopla, and given that they are off plan are sold at a discounted price, typically 10-15% below present market prices. This enables you the investor to not only buy the property at a great price, but enables you to be first to market, giving you the best choice of property available. By the time most developments hit the usual websites your advantage has disappeared, so you need to move quick and have a broker who is both independent, and has a wide range of properties to show you.

Here at Flambard Williams, we have properties covering the whole of the UK, and covering all types, from high end residential like the Versace Tower London, to student property across the UK. So for any budget, or anywhere in the UK give your contact here at Flambard Williams a call, and secure the property of your dreams, rather than just dreaming of owning one, make it a reality today!

For more information about the exclusive developments we have available, or to speak to one of our award-winning consultants for helpful advice, call 0207 183 0646 today.

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