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Christopher Whetstone
Managing Director
Flambard Williams was founded in 2012 and I purchased the company in 2013 totally focusing on developing the company as a property investment specialist. With over 20 years of experience, I feel I am well placed to assist clients in making property investment decisions that will dramatically change their financial position heading into retirement.
Graduating from Uni after studying Business and Music I have worked in many different companies throughout the years both in the UK and overseas. Paying close attention to the good points and the bad of other companies I feel we have the right balance at Flambard Williams to enable clients to achieve their goals whether they be short or long term. Having 5 children from the ages of 5 months to 13 years old I am kept on my toes and home. I am also a keen musician having learned the piano from a young age and if there was one thing I could change it would be more time to play.
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Jack Percival
Sales Director
So they say work is easy when you enjoy it, well I couldn't agree more. Before entering the property world, I explored a career in the Navy only to be turned down on medical grounds however, I believe everything happens for a reason. This then led me down a different path to Flambard Williams. I have been part of the team here for a number of years
now and have managed to work my way up in this ever-expanding company and gain a wealth of knowledge and experience. My aim is to go above and beyond, providing honest advice to ensure you, as our client, are happy and comfortable with your investment decisions and achieve your long-term goals whatever that may be. When I do manage to get away from the office, I can't deny that I love a cold Guinness. Above all, I am learning to enjoy the finer things in life and sharing them with my friends and family, creating memories.
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Kelly Lawrence
PA to Director & Head of Aftersales
Having been an assistant manager in a salon for many years to working in the motor trade as an assistant buyer for Mercedes, I decided I wanted more of an office role and here I am. I have just bought my own house with my partner and I look forward to speaking with you and helping you with your purchase.
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Ricky Haydon
Marketing Manager
I started working at Flambard Williams in 2019 and it is an incredibly exciting company to be apart of. We are regularly coming up with new ideas to propel our brand forward and have made huge strides in the short time I have been with company. Watch this space...
Angelene Pershad
Head of Administration
Since joining over a year ago I have acquired a vast amount of skills and knowledge which has helped me to grow within the property industry. Flambard Williams is a great company to work for which has given me amazing opportunities, one of which, a trip to Dubai with the team! I am excited to continue on this journey and look forward to what the future holds.
Shannice Fredericks
Senior Property Investment Broker
Oh hello there! I’m Shannice and I have a passion for helping clients achieve their long term investment goals through investing in the property market. I characterise myself as a hard working agent that is dedicated to a high level of customer service, willingness to work hard and get things done.
After graduating with a First class degree in Business Management and pursuing a career in a major law firm, I took the decision to venture into the property world and have not looked back since. I now have my own team here and take pride in looking after clients all across the globe. In my spare time, I love to shop till I drop, sunbathe listening to MJ and pamper myself when needed (everyday) 😁
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Ricky Ellson
Senior Property Investment Broker
My name is Ricky and i'm a property professional with experience as a landlord and over 10 years as a business owner. After working within the property industry in various positions, I'm well placed to advise and assist with the investing process from a position of experience. Outside the day job, I have a young family with my daughter Blake (3 years old) calling the shots at home!
Ben Brewer
Senior Property Investment Broker
As the newest part of the team, my journey into the role has been an educational rollercoaster with new information at every turn but thankfully it’s all soaking in! I feel this has put me in a really good position to understand and help educate some of my clients who are looking at purchasing property with little or no experience. I really enjoy guiding people through the process and watching them grow their portfolio.
I feel this has put me in a really good position to understand and help educate some of my clients who are looking at purchasing property with little or no experience. I really enjoy guiding people through the process and watching them grow their portfolio.
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Tom Collins
Property Investment Broker
I started my working career as a plumbing apprentice in 2016 which led to me becoming a fully qualified plumber within a few years. Shortly after becoming a qualified plumber I wanted a new challenge for myself and went down a completely different career path. I worked at various different brokerages in London which has now led me to Flambard Williams which has been by far the best company I have worked for.
Learning about the investment property market has been so refreshing and understanding each client's investment goals ensures no day is the same! I will work tirelessly for my clients giving good, honest advise to ensure you can achieve your invest goals!
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Earl Owen
Property Investment Broker
Working in the top 4 real estate markets in the world is exhilarating and being in this dynamic team makes coming to work effortless. I have spent my entire career in investment banks trading equities but I now find selling investment properties to global investors even more colourful and rewarding.
George Lupson
Property Investment Broker
My journey into the property investment world has been insightful and inspiring to say the least. Being the newest member of Flambard Williams, I cannot fault the team for the warm welcome and guidance into this exciting industry. I've worked in sales my whole career starting from stationery and furniture supplies, all the way to corporate foreign exchange.
I am now a proud member delivering honest, factual advice to clients all over the globe - ensuring they have made the right investment decision for their long and short term financial goals, which I find truly rewarding.
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