Putting the ‘Low’ in Local Estate Agency

Before the surge of online agents, conventional high street branches were the only viable way of selling your home. Walking down your local high street and browsing through numerous shop windows was simply a part of the buying process. This gave ordinary estate agents the opportunity to charge clients rates of 1% upwards and this has remained the case, although there have been tremendous changes in the way they operate their marketing of properties. Over the last few years, we have seen a huge growth in the online property sales market. With online portals such as Zoopla and Rightmove, the country now has the benefit of viewing properties nationwide from the comfort of their armchairs. Let’s face it, when we have a break from our busy schedules most of us in today’s society will now scroll through our phones in favour of reading a book or even filling in a crossword. In turn, this has opened up the opportunity for consumers to easily view estate agents’ properties online, with 98% of people opting to use online services rather than window shopping.

If You Keep Buying It, They’ll Keep Selling It

Companies have managed to ride the wave of this growth and expand their ‘online estate agents’, coming out and starting to challenge the high percentage commision that conventional agents charge. With fixed rates and quick sales usually promised, are these online agents as good as they claim to be? It’s fairly clear to see that online sales are the way forward. Online agents clearly don’t need a swanky high street window to show off their goods, which begs the question why are conventional agents still charging much higher fees for doing the exact same job? The answer is because people are hesitant to use the services of something new and their low prices often seem too good to be true but this is not the case. Essentially, if you keep buying it, they’ll keep selling it! The benefit that local agents have over their online competitors is the fact they still have their local base. It’s been said that although the online agents claim to have ‘local experts’ they are primarily working from home and simply rely on their eye-catching low prices to get you over the mark, leaving the post-offer procedures in the hands of online software and people only available on the end of a telephone.

The Perfect Medium

Flambard Williams are setting out to bring the best of both worlds, combining low fixed fee rates of an online agent but with a local presence of their office in Chelmsford. This creates the perfect medium between the two platforms, bringing the best points of both low-cost prices with the local knowledge and sales progression aftercare of a conventional agent. This well-established investment company is branching out into the local market, not only to relieve the local community of the financial strain of selling a property but also to combat the stereotype of arrogant, money grabbing estate agents. Their fixed fee packages start from £695+VAT, offering professional photography, floor plans, a for-sale board, listings on the major property portals and a professional sales progression team that makes selling your home a happy and simple process.

Flambard Williams are on average 1/10th lower in price than conventional agents and offer the option of an upfront fee or a no sale no fee package, so whatever your circumstance, they have a way to help. Their office is based in Lower Anchor Street, Chelmsford and although it is not a conventional ‘shop’ with big glossy windows they always have their doors open to anyone looking to sell or buy a home in the local area. In summary, when you are looking to sell your home there are a few questions to ask yourself:

What Do Traditional Estate Agents Do Differently to Flambard Williams?

Absolutely nothing, they provide exactly the same service, the only difference being the price.

Why Do Traditional Estate Agents Charge More?

Maybe they have more overheads, including wages and office costs due to their location, however, the amount they spend on advertising and marketing is the same as everybody else, therefore, the reason for charging a higher fee is more than likely to be just because they can!

Would You:

• Pay over the odds for the same service?

• Buy a car for a higher price because of the dealer you get it from?

• Do your weekly shop at a supermarket that charges more money for the exact same products?

• Pay twice as much for a holiday because your local agent is selling it?

If you answered no to these questions, then why would you do so if your are selling a property that you have worked hard your whole life for?

To find out what Flambard Williams can offer you and how they could save you thousands of pounds today, call us on: 01245 206 225 or why not email our head of local sales, Elliot Whitlam, at: elliot.whitlam@flambardwilliams.co.uk

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