How to Climb the Property Ladder With Ease

Looking to move up the property ladder? Read on for our simple yet effective ways to add value to your home before selling. Some of these may seem obvious, but believe us when we say many fail to undertake even the simplest of these tasks and in the process, lose thousands of pounds when it comes to selling their property.

Of course, some of these improvements can be done whilst you are living in the property, and even if you are not thinking of moving on. By simply assessing the added value you can get from these tops can be helpful when figuring out what you can afford to do on the budget you have, prioritising the best value add.

The most obvious improvement that most people go for when discussing home improvements is the usual, new kitchen or bathroom. These are often expensive options and out of reach for most people wishing to move up the ladder as they are desperately saving to get that bigger home. Who says you need to put in a new kitchen or bathroom? In many cases, you can simply make some basic changes that can transform a drab kitchen or old bathroom, and these needn’t cost a fortune.

Let’s Look at Your Kitchen

Firstly, worktops are a key aspect of any kitchen, and replacing an old and dated worktop with a brand new one can bring the kitchen bang up to date, even if you cannot afford an expensive granite worktop, the materials that are used these days on even laminate worktops look great and cost a fraction of the price. Another neat trick, should your units be in good order just slightly dated, is to give them a coat of paint. You can even use acrylic paint on the doors by using a spray gun, giving you that professional finish and turning any old and drab kitchen into a brand new, fresh and bright workspace that anyone would be proud of. Remember, be a little conservative with colours and finishes, as an outrageous taste may not always be to everyone’s liking.

Putting Right Any Faults

Another simple rule when selling your home, is before updating or changing things, put right any faults your property has, as this stops potential buyers being put-off by what looks unsightly on the surface, but in reality is a relatively small matter. Perhaps you have has a leak and the paintwork is stained, or there are surface cracks that may lead people to feel that there are other, more serious underlying issues. By putting these right, you can save thousands on the sale of your home, whilst avoiding those awkward questions.

Simple Wins

In general, you can quickly and easily make a great deal of difference by doing even the most simple of things. A quick coat of paint on the walls, laying some new but inexpensive carpets, or even cleaning the carpets –  this can all make your place feel fresh and clean, thus more appealing to a prospective buyer.

Don’t Forget Your Garden

It is important to keep your garden in mind too. You can reseed a lawn if it is looking a little bare, weed gardens and replant the beds to lift the property. Again, these are just a few simple yet inexpensive solutions, and although these may not add much in the way of value, they make your property much more appealing to a buyer.

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