How Can I Sell My Home Faster?

If you’re selling your home and find that it is taking a lot longer than you expected, or if you are thinking about selling and would like the process to be as swift and simple as possible, take a look at some of our helpful tips below.

If you want to sell your house faster, then it is worth considering some simple yet effective ways to make that happen, whilst at the same time potentially adding value to your home before selling. Some of these ideas may seem obvious, but believe us when we say many fail to undertake even the simplest of these tips, and in the process not only do they take more time to sell, but also lose thousands of pounds when selling their properties.

So, what sells a home fast? Many will assume instantly it will be a great kitchen. Clearly, installing a new kitchen before you sell your home is drastic, but there are some simple options available that can turn that rather dull kitchen you presently have into one much more appealing.


Firstly, worktops are a key aspect of any kitchen, and replacing an old and dated worktop with a brand new one can bring the kitchen bang up to date. Even if you cannot afford an expensive granite worktop, the materials they use these days on even laminate worktops look great, and cost a fraction of the more expensive granite option. Another neat trick should your units be in good order but a bit dated, is to give them a coat of paint. You can even acrylic paint the doors using a spray gun, giving you that professional finish and turning any old and drab kitchen into a brand
new fresh and bright workspace that anyone would be proud of. Remember to be a little conservative with colours and finishes as your outrageous tastes may not be to everyone’s liking.

Putting Right Faults

Another simple rule when selling your home is before updating or changing things, put right any faults your property has as this stops potential buyers being put off by what on the surface looks unsightly, but in reality, is a small matter. Perhaps you have had a leak and the paintwork is stained, or there are surface cracks that may lead people to feel there are other more serious underlying issues. By putting these right you can save thousands on the sale of your home, and avoid those awkward questions.

Small Changes

In general, you can quickly and easily make a great deal of difference by doing even the most simple of things. A quick coat of paint on the walls, laying some new but inexpensive carpets, or even simply cleaning the carpets can make your property look fresh and clean and make it more appealing to a prospective buyer. Also, don’t forget the garden, you can reseed a lawn if it is looking a little bare, weed gardens and replant the beds to lift the property. Again these are simple and inexpensive solutions and although these may not add too much in the way of value they make
your property more appealing to a buyer.


Finally, and probably the easiest way to sell your home quickly is to de-clutter! There is nothing worse than entering someone’s home and seeing what looks like a jumble sale. Remove your ornaments and keepsakes on sideboards and shelves, leaving the odd photo is fine but not an entire family tree. Again straighten cushions, dress the bedrooms with clean duvets and lay fresh folded towels in the bathrooms. Perhaps remove some furniture and put it in storage, make the rooms look bigger by decluttering, believe me this works. New homes put in the basic furniture and when you view them you have the appearance of more room than in fact there is, it’s all perception.Also ahead of showing your property a classic move is to make a fresh pot of coffee, the smell really works, and it also takes away the smells your home may hold and makes the property cosy. Also put on discreet side lighting, this too can make a huge difference. When you visit a show home what is it that attracts you? It’s the fact that you can see yourself living there with a desirable lifestyle and that is what you hope to achieve with your property, let the people imaging themselves living there, make it desirable and not too personal to you.

Local Agents

All of the aforementioned points will help to sell your home quicker, but a final key point to selling is a motivated and hardworking local agent that both knows the area and is proactive
when selling. You do not need an agent that relies solely on adverts in a paper selling your property, you need an agent who can deliver, one that will phone prospective clients and will have a list of registered buyers that are ready to move. At SmartSell, we help to sell your home quicker, easier and for less money. What’s more, you can currently benefit from our exclusive golden ticket promotion and sell your home using our Silver package for the price of Bronze at just £834 (for a limited time only). Head here for more information, or call us on 01245 206 225 to speak to one of our expert local agents.

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