Great British Bake Off Inspired Kitchens Can Add Value to Your Home

Another season of the Great British Bake Off has started, which means we will start to see sales of new kitchens pick up. Many viewers of the programme not only look on in envy at the plush kitchens on the show, but also take to their own kitchens in an attempt to emulate in some small way the efforts of the contestants, realising that perhaps its time to upgrade the rather tired kitchen that resides in their homes.

Image credit: Lizzie Orme

Sweeten up Your Kitchen

Most people know that a good kitchen or smart bathroom will go a long way in terms of selling your property, or even be a talking point for your friends when they come round. Here in the UK many people are often proud of their homes and like to be complimented on their home. Everyone knows a smart clean property with a good kitchen will not only attract admiring comments but will add value to a property way and above the actual cost of the kitchen itself. So that’s why when clients come to us and ask about the decor and finishes, in the most part they are concerned about the kitchens and the bathrooms.

Image credit: Simon Bevan

Layers of Quality

To that end, the Flambard Williams team will ensure that the developments we provide are the best in the market, and one that any owner or tenant would be proud of. We avoid those companies that put in very basic products, this does at times mean some developments come at a higher cost, but we find through experience that this attention to detail means your property will always be the first to rent, and when it goes to market will sell at a better price and quicker than properties from a developer that has put little or no thought into them.

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