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Whether you have just purchased your first buy-to-let, looking to change who lets your property, or are looking to make a purchase and want to get every box ticked, Flambard Williams Lettings are the company for you, bringing dedication and enthusiasm to each let.

Our Lettings team understand that both the lettings and rentals process can be time consuming and daunting. We understand that our clients often want to be as hands-off as possible, as it is purely viewed as an investment that should reap credible returns.

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What makes us different?

The difference between Flambard Williams and other lettings agents is that we only take on lettings for the properties we have sold. This gives you a huge advantage when it comes to rental, as not only do we know your property inside out, but we also know the demographic we need to target through our marketing.

With a comprehensive vetting service, we are sure to minimize any issues when it comes to void periods and unpaid rent (often the biggest problems in eroding your potential gains). By using third party specialists, Flambard Williams can mitigate the potential of problematic tenants as much as possible.

1 Regulation

Flambard Williams adhere to a strict code of conduct. Importantly tenants’ deposits are placed in the TDS (Tenancy Deposit Scheme), which protects both the tenant and landlord.

2 Letting your first buy-to-Let

Letting your first buy to let should be an exciting time. However, the shine can soon fade if this is not handled correctly. The Lettings team here at Flambard Williams are equipped with all the tools and experience needed to make sure both the tenant and landlord have a great experience from start to finish.

3 Maintenance

Naturally, we understand that issues can arise at any time, for example; a leaky tap or a faulty boiler. Which is why our team are constantly on standby to resolve these issues in a timely manner.

We are open 6 days a week, but most importantly we have an out of hours numbers where tenants can contact us at any time, 365 days a year, including Christmas Day.

4 Inventory report

A key factor when ensuring the smooth running of a let, is a detailed inventory report.

Our inventory reports are captured in meticulous detail, and we take pictures of every corner of your apartment (including all contents). The completed documents is then signed by both parties.

What we offer you

Here at Flambard Williams Lettings, we make it our mission to take the stress out of property lettings, listening to your aspirations and requirements in order to provide your ideal property solution. We offer a range of services for both landlords and tenants, so you can benefit from our expertise. Recognising that speed is an essential part of the process, we strive to let your property to the right people, at the right price in the quickest time possible.

What we offer landlords

If you are a landlord looking for quality tenants, our Lettings team will take the stress out of letting your property. Our clients benefit from the vast experience we have gained of the global property landscape, which in turn has enabled us to hold a position of distinction within the buoyant lettings market.

We understand that in order to achieve the best prices for you, we need to advertise to a larger target audience. We also understand that you may not have the time to arrange for your property to be furnished. Fear not, our Lettings team can handle this for you as we have teamed up with several local suppliers who assist with logistics and furnishings. If required, we can also arrange for professional cleaners to prepare your property for renting, arrange the provision of gas safety certificates and take full inventories of your property ahead of the rental.

What we offer tenants

Are you looking for your perfect lettings opportunity? The Lettings team can help. We will ensure that your ideal let is found, by focusing on your requirements, budget and lifestyle choice. Naturally, everyone’s circumstances are different, and in a time when purchasing you own house is more challenging, renting is still a hugely popular way to gain independence and above all, flexibility. Perhaps you are saving to begin your journey onto the property ladder, or maybe you are considering a new location for a new job opportunity. Renting a property provides you the ability to gain insight about any given city or style of property that you may be seeking for the future. Because our Lettings team have experience in lettings and renting, we are perfectly positioned to match the right tenants to their desired property.

We make rented properties your head, your heart and your home.

Explaining our process

Our process begins when our Lettings team value your rental property. By using our years of experience at the valuation stage, our property experts will provide you with the very best opportunities to secure a quick rental and high occupancy. With this expertise, we aim to rent your property both quickly and at the right market price, avoiding rental voids, and above all, maximise the returns you get for your property each and every time.

We then look to present your property to the market. We arrange for furniture packs (should you require them) and set the property out in a manner that will attract prospective clients.

The next stage in the process is to find the ideal short-term or long-term tenant. To do this we offer our clients an extensive marketing package. We promote your property through market-leading websites, and within 48 hours of us taking photos, we place your property via the more familiar rental portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla. We also share your property through our credible client base via SMS alerts, as well as sharing with our property partners in every city or town we operate in. Ultimately, we enable maximum exposure to a global audience, thus finding your ideal tenant a whole lot easier.

Our Lettings team want to ensure you only have to focus on one factor throughout this journey, and that’s letting us know where you would like us to send the rental income. We want to save our clients from the worries of managing this process themselves, ensuring you have a truly hassle free, hands off investment.

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