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Why Buy-To-Let?

The buy-to-let market is here to stay, so it is just a case of dealing with a professional company that can steer you in the right direction.

Why invest with Flambard Williams?

Valuable investment opportunities, intelligently done

We are proud to be an award-winning specialist in the UK Property Investment market. The Flambard Williams Invest team believe in keeping it simple. Striving to provide you with specialised tailor-made solutions, we are committed to learning your requirements in order to meet your property investment needs.

From the very first point of call, right up until completion, you can expect complete guidance and dedication from your own personal investment consultant, working with you every step of the way to provide pioneering property solutions through long-term customer care. You will be updated throughout the entire buy-to-let journey, including after-sales, concept visuals, property market intelligence and exclusive development news

We understand that investing in property can sometimes be a formidable prospect to tackle alone. Our Invest team will work to provide exceptional property solutions tailored specifically to your independent investment aspirations. We consider all of the crucial components required when finding your ideal development, including location, budget and available deposit, along with your short and long-term goals.

Despite being an award-winning company, whose reach stretches globally, we believe that small acorns grow into big oak trees. This is what makes our whole ethos ‘client-centric’. Our mantra is simple; to find each and every one of our clients a bespoke property investment solution.

Before we begin your buy-to-let journey, we first establish some basic facts about you and your ambitions. This will range from; your end goal (and why you are purchasing the investment, whether this is to top up your pension or fund your children’s university fees), the time frame you are looking to hold the property, whether you are looking to maximise your income or growth, or perhaps a combination of the two. Once we have a detailed picture of you, our research department will determine the investment that fits you best, rather than squeezing you into something that may not be perfect or ideal (which many other agents are known to do).

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Independently yours

The reason we can deliver what we promise is that we are totally independent. Established in 2012, our investment arm is the very foundation for where the business is today. As a fully independent company, we are not tied to any developer, and this undoubtedly gives our clients a big advantage over other companies in the buy-to-let sector.

We have the flexibility and freedom to recommend whatever development we feel is suitable, without having the pressure of a developer demanding sales. We’re proud of our ability to innovate, transform and evaluate every single step of the investment process. We are open and honest from the start, continuing to be solution lead, and never product lead. This means that you can trust us to find your ideal development catered to your needs.

Think logically, not emotionally

When purchasing a buy-to-let, it’s fairly common that many clients allow their heart to rule their head. Some of the very best investments usually sit outside of the main area where the ‘buzz’ is happening. At Flambard Williams, It’s our role to take the emotion out of the investment and make sure we get the best financial return over the medium to long-term.

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Potential growth

Despite the property market growing at a rapid rate over the years, there is still a huge amount of potential growth to be had. To achieve this, expertise is crucial. Our Invest team hand-pick properties in areas we feel still have fantastic growth opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of returns can I expect?+

This depends on a multitude of factors such as your budget, how long are you looking to hold the investment for, what is your risk profile, etc.

As a rule of thumb, we say that you should be looking for around 7% income for a traditional buy-to-let and 8-9% if you are looking at the student property route. However, by using our SkyLet team you could be making double digit returns on your income.

Growth of course, depends on the city you are investing in and the exact location within that city, the general consensus is that growth is going to be a lot higher in the North than in the South of UK over the next few years. To learn in more detail about a particular city, request a copy of our City Guide brochure from one of
our team.

Where should I invest?+

We advise you to stick with major cities unless there is a specific reason to buy outside of this, such as a hugely discounted property. The reason we feel this is the best strategy is that history tells us property prices are driven by demand. This higher the demand, the more the increase in the price.

Typically, the demand of an area increases when jobs are being created. This growth is commerce will boost property prices in most areas of the UK. That said, we need to make sure of your investment, even when there is a reversal in the countries fortunes. Therefore, we know that the major cities will constantly be expanding, creating jobs and importantly, always have a thriving student market.

So where are the best locations in the UK?
Over the years, the most popular locations have been London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds and Sheffield. Right now there are other cities becoming promising, such as; Preston and Bolton (cities are enjoying the local success of Manchester).

How does Flambard Williams make its money?+

We are remunerated by the developer. More often than not, a developer does not have a sales team and therefore out-sources the sales process to companies such as Flambard Williams. Dependent on the development and the transaction, if we don’t get paid directly by the developer, we charge an administration fee for our time - we are always upfront about
these fees.

Could I get the property cheaper by going direct?+

The simple answer is no. We always ensure that we offer the lowest prices in the market, so you can count on us.

Should I purchase off-plan or something that is ready now?+

Only you can make this decision. We feel that off-plan is a better long-term strategy for both income and growth. However, you may have your reasons for wanting something that is ready now. Of course, there are associated risks with off-plan and this is something you will have to weigh-up versus the money you save by purchasing off-plan. Our Invest team will guide you through the options.

Is my reservation deposit refundable? +

Unfortunately, not. We always inform clients that once their deposit has been paid to the developer, their deposits become non-refundable. We advise clients to only move forward with the purchase once you are 100% sure and comfortable.

But I paid you, not the developer?+

Any money that is paid to Flambard Williams is transferred to the developer, so we do not hold your deposit.

I am an overseas purchaser, so can I purchase in the UK and do I have to be there? +

Yes, overseas clients can purchase in the UK. You do not have to be here, however, you will have to satisfy a regulated lawyer to verify who you are, where you live and where your funds are from. This process can be done online.

Do I pay income tax if I am overseas?+

Firstly, we have to point out that we are not tax advisors. The general standard suggests that you will have to pay tax on your UK income. As an overseas client you will be offered the chance to fill in a NRL1 form, which will enable you to take the full income rather than having this deducted at source.

The market has already grown dramatically, is there still growth to be had?+

We fully believe that there is still a great deal of growth to be had. Of course, the market is not the same as it was 8 years ago when it was at rock bottom, but the reality is, if you are thinking to invest now, property is still one of the very best sectors in to place your money.

I think the market Is going to fall, I will invest then. Is this the best strategy?+

If you’re looking to invest, the best strategy is to act quickly. We know clients that were interested in buy-to-let for years, and now they can’t afford to invest.

When you put this in to perspective, your money is probably making less than inflation, so in real terms you are losing money each passing day. We feel that with interest rates where they are, the property market still has plenty of growth left in it.

In reality, clients tend to look at holding their property for at least a few years. As long as this is the case, then you can ride out any short-term dips in the market for better long-term gain.

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