Liverpool is fast becoming known as UK’s next Buy-to-Let hotspot. Recent articles in both The Times and The Telegraph have cited the city as the place investors should be looking into for great returns.


Situated on the River Mersey, Liverpool has fantastic transport links not just within the UK but all over the world. Just sitting in one of the many boutique bars along the docks you will see a steady stream of cruise ships pass you by. Also being served by the world famous John Lennon Airport, you are never too far away from most locations.


Over the last decade we have seen a huge change in Liverpool. Billions of pounds have been spent on regeneration, bringing the city up to date with neighbouring cities such as Manchester. The docks have been totally transformed and the city now boasts an outdoor shopping centre, Liverpool One, which is the largest in the UK.

The economy is thriving with job creation increasing year on year. CV Library, which is one of UK’s largest job websites, demonstrated that outside the capital Liverpool is number one for job growth with a 45% increase in comparison to last year.

Buy to Let Market

The Buy-to-Let market in Liverpool is booming. One management company has demonstrated that for the best developments there is a 10 year waiting list. We are seeing occupancy rates hit over 95% for the best units. The fact that prices have not yet risen as dramatically as Manchester means that you can still achieve yields of over 7% and benefit from great potential re-sale value.

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