Boris Johnson: Good or Bad for the UK Property Market?


With Boris Johnson one week away from marking his official first month in office, we examine what (if any) changes have taken place and what noises have been made from cabinet colleagues in regards to policy changes.

We’re sure you’re all aware by now that Boris Johnson is now Prime Minister of the UK. At present, is difficult to predict a solid outcome as to how this will impact the property sector, with a divide of skeptics recalling many failed or low-impact plans when he was Mayor. However, the initial reaction for those in the property sector is hopeful, as he begins to take charge of a Government that has several flagship housing market measures underway. It is safe to say that the next few months are highly anticipated by many, both based in the UK and overseas. We delve into the possibilities of Stamp Duty reformation, the potential regulation of the estate agency market, along with a resolution for the capital’s rental market.

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