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A message from the MD


So it is around this time each month when we have one of our brokers write a brief report on them, the property market in general, and their favourite development.

However, this month I thought we would do something different. So often we are caught up in the thick of it that time passes us by. It is only when we have time to reflect, we can actually appreciate certain things that happen in our lives.

So after nearly 6 months of the year, I want to personally reach out to each member of the team here at Flambard Williams and thank them for all the effort and give you a little background on them and their efforts. Let’s start with the longest-running member of the team, Jack Percival.

Jack Percival
Sales Director
Jack has been at Flambard Williams for over 5 years and joined us from Currys. Jack is one of the most loyal, hardworking individuals you will ever meet. In fact, he works so hard that he has forgotten to take a holiday over the last 5 years and has only just made it this week to Cancun for a well-deserved rest. Jack has worked his way through the ranks so to speak and is now the company's Sales Director. So I want to reach out to you mate and say a big thank you from me, here is to another 5 great years working with you!
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Shannice Fredericks
Senior Broker
Shannice, is also having a well-deserved rest, ironically in Cancun with Jack, but that's another story. Shannice has been fantastic from the start. She joined us after working at a law firm as a Para-Legal. After a steady start, she has simply excelled. Her work ethic is second to none, when the rest of us had two weeks off over Christmas, Shannice was hard at work in the office speaking to her global client base about the opportunities we had at the time. She comes up with ideas and constantly wants to push herself and the business forward. Along with the above, Shannice brings her smile and a great personality to the office and we couldn't do without you Shannice. Thanks for everything you do!
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Ricky Ellson
Senior Broker
Ricky is the most focused, driven, and hard-working individual we have in the office. He is simply relentless. Ricky may be out to 5 am with clients but he will still be at his desk at 9 ready for the day. Despite solicitors taking an age to get apartments exchanged in this current climate, Ricky's motivation has never waivered and he is now reaping the rewards of his hard work. But where Ricky really comes to life is Friday night. A Friday night without you mate is not worth having. Thanks for your constant effort and drive Ricky!
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Ben Brewer
Senior Broker
Ben is one of those who will step up to whatever you put in front of him. Last month we had an in-house competition where one broker had to team up with another. Ben raised his game. With daily pep talks and ideas, Ben's team excelled and won the prize. The only thing that interrupts Bens from liaising with his clients, is his love of food. Ben can easily be seen to have 7-8 meals a day, and that is just in the office. Ben, we love having you on board mate, look forward to a great rest of the year and seeing where your potential can take you.
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Earl Owen
Property Investment Broker
Earl is the oldest member of our team but the youngest at heart. Seeing Earl at a pool party in Dubai is a vision that will never leave me. Earl has years of experience at major Global banks and due to this has a deep desire to do the best he can possibly do for his clients and is constantly looking at the best opportunities to offer them. With a very direct approach what you see is what you get with Earl, a kind, trustworthy, hard-working man with a great heart. Any client who gets Earl as their broker is a lucky client indeed. We love having you on the team Earl.
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Tom Collins
Property Investment Broker
Tom has the best dry sense of humor in the office and often has all of us in tears and footage of him on his home Ring doorbell after a night out is gold. But beyond this, he is intelligent, diligent, and extremely hard working which are all the ingredients needed to make a great investment broker. Keep up the hard work and dedication Tom and before the end of the year, you will be flying. You have been a great addition to the team Tom.
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George Lupson
Property Investment Broker
George is the most optimistic person I have ever come across and constantly works with a smile on his face. His infectiousness spreads through the office on a daily basis. Like every other broker, his work ethic and drive are second to none. George is constantly looking to find a way to better himself and his client's potential so with this tenacity, you will become whatever you want to be. Great to have you here Geroge.
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Darren Hazan
Property Investment Broker
Darren is a new addition to the team but a great one. Having his own success in business in the past Darren knows what it takes to succeed. Whatever time of day I look in the office Darren is on the phone trying to find a solution for his client's wants and needs. I know you have only recently joined us Darren but it is great to have you with us and I look forward to seeing what you can do.
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Kelly Lawrence
Head of Aftersales
Kelly has been with us for close to 3 years now and heads up our after-sales team. She has had to battle through what has probably been the most problematic period for aftersales with COVID effectively shutting down solicitors and now solicitors being so busy they are painfully slow at getting anything exchanged/completed. However, Kelly has worked her way through it and has got the aftersales now down to a tee. We can't thank you enough Kelly for the late nights and hard work you have put in to get these deals over the line.
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Ricky Haydon
Marketing Manager
Ricky H is our Marketing Guru. Ricky joined us around the same time as Kelly 3 years ago and we have seen the marketing output go from strength to strength. We are now outputting a constant stream of videos, and educational info more than we have done previously. Add this to the fact we have new ideas constantly arising, we are having to take on new team members to step up to the next level. Working from home Ricky probably does not get the praise he deserves so thanks from all of us here mate.
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Angelene Pershad
Head of Administration
Angelene joined us when she was just 20 years old. And what a revelation she has been. She is like a sponge, whatever you tell her she soaks up, gets on with it, and sorts. When she first joined Angelene was given the less than enviable task of sorting out our lettings department. She single-handedly took it from where it is now where we have a large number of lets which are all organized and overseen by Angelene. She then found our Manchester head of lettings and moved on to sort out the initial part of the after-sales process along with Kelly which has paid dividends. Her role now is to take forward a new product launch we hope to see by the end of the year, all this and she is only 22. You have been amazing Angelene, thankyou.
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