8 Ways to Make Your Home More Saleable


1. Creating a Kitchen

Replacing an entire kitchen can be considered an expensive length to go to in order to add value to your home, but this does not always have to be the case. Sometimes painting existing cupboards or staining them and replacing the worktops can have a dramatic impact and this is certainly not a big expense. In some cases, simply changing the paintwork and tiling in parts of the kitchen are enough. If, however, you do go all out and plum for a new kitchen, be sensible and keep your colour palette neutral, don’t do anything outrageous as your tastes are not always to the liking of others. So keep it neutral, clean and functional, to achieve the best results, and believe it or not the cost of the upgrade will in fact probably add around 5% to the value of your home, a big increase for little outlay, with an average kitchen upgrade costing in the region of £3,000-£5,000.

2. Building on Your Bathroom

If you aren’t keen on the idea of installing an entirely new bathroom, consider updating particular elements of your bathroom. For example new taps, heated towel rails and the like all add. One golden rule is go for white sanitary ware, not coloured, this is not only cheaper but looks cleaner and is classier, you never walk into a 5 star hotel and find coloured bathrooms, Ever!



3. Making Your Garden Great Again

This can be a simple but very effective way of improving the look of your house. Tidy lawns if you have them, weed the gardens and put some new plants in. If you do not have much space then perhaps get some nice potted plants and place them around the property making the place look cared for and attractive. If you have patios etc clean them up, there’s nothing worse than a patio covered in moss and dirt, a simple jet wash will make a huge difference, without the need to go to the expense of laying a new one.

4. Focus on Floorings

Consider replacing old and worn-out carpets with new but inexpensive, neutral floor coverings. Spending a few hundred pounds per room can make a huge difference and can bring that new smell to your property that can often be lost with old flooring.

5. Pick a Paint

Next, and something that is very important, is giving rooms and windows that are a little tired a good lick of paint. This will refresh any room and show that your property is cared for. Remember to keep the colours simple and neutral as you are trying to appeal to a wider audience, people will shun away from outrageous colour schemes as they struggle to imagine the property without it.

6. Don’t Forget to Declutter

When showing your home, and when the agents take photos of your property, declutter the rooms. Remove personal belongings that do not add to the room, and when staging for the photos perhaps buy a new set of towels for the bathrooms, no one likes to see a set of old mixed towels. Remember when you view a show flat you do not see old clothes on the floors, shoes dotted around the house and general clutter that belongs to a family. Keep the place tidy and remember people are there to see the property not your mess.

7. Cleaning Windows

Another great tip, and believe it or not one that is often overlooked, is get your windows cleaned. How often do you turn up at a property to see clouded windows covered in condensation that you can barely see out of. A set of clean sparkling windows not only looks good, but it helps bring light into the rooms and shows that you care about your surroundings. A cost-effective and very important tip.

8. Extreme or Extended?

This one is perhaps a little more extreme, and although a good idea is perhaps a little far for some. If you have potential to extend your property or add square footage look to get outline planning permission. When you look at a properties details and see that there is room to expand and add value, it often allows you to put a small premium on your property. At the very least, it certainly will make your property more attractive to prospective buyers.

We hope you have found our advice helpful in achieving the most from your property. As you can see, simple tasks such as washing your windows and tidying your gardens will help to increase your chances of selling. Obviously the more expensive elements will add too, but these require more investment from you than hard work. It is important to remember that whatever you put in will add more to the end figure you achieve, and in some cases just telling someone that you can add a new extension will tip the balance, in my experience people prefer to have the options spelt out to them rather than searching for solutions themselves. Show your property at its best and it will reward you in return.

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