Turn Your Home into a Winter Wonderland

We have a tip for every room in the house, to ready you for the inevitable cold months that are just around the corner. A few small changes can really warm up any room and give you a real feel of comfort.

Living Room

A great thing to do with your living space is to create a focal point with a fireplace, freestanding wall fire or something similar. This captures everyone’s attention and creates the feeling of warmth and tranquility. To accompany your bright and eye catching centrepiece, work your fabrics and accessories into a grey and neutral colour scheme, still giving it that touch of elegance but letting the minimalistic style draw your attention from the furniture to the new focus of attention.

A subtle way to finish off a room with hard flooring is to bring in a rug. Taking the edge off of the cold floor (unless you have the pleasure of underfloor heating of course), this simple yet elegant feature will complete the overall look of the room whilst having it’s practical benefits too.




A temple of warmth when it comes to the winter months! My advice would be to knit it out to kit it out. A throw over the bed is an essential, I would recommend a neutral bedding set paired with a plaid throw. This timeless classic brings a splash of colour to the room without being too intrusive, with the red in the pattern being a subtle nod to the Christmas season, providing a cosy feel to your abode.

Light up your life with some scented candles. Similar to the living room, an open flame really creates a warm and inviting atmosphere and paired with the aromas of nutmegs and cinnamons will really make your bedroom a bliss sanctuary. Obviously this one is subject to opinion and preference of fragrance, however, the concept remains the same as long as you pick a real winter warmer.


This winter the in-vogue colour is stiffkey-blue, bringing a feature wall to life or even your furniture doors if you’re having a complete overhaul. It allows you to add some subtle colour to your kitchen, remaining neutral and is easy to match when it come to kettles, coffee machines and other accessories. Stiffkey-blue matches nicely with dark woods, for instance a dark wooden floor paired with stiffkey-blue unit doors and a dark wood surface creates a elegant and classy finish.


Homemade potpourri, make your home a festive winter wonderland


Another favourite of mine is a homemade potpourri, here’s how to do it.

1. Cut one apple and an orange into slices around 5mm thick, place on some tissue and leave it out for 24 hours to allow it to dry out.

2. Once dry, place on a baking tray on top of some non-stick paper and bake at around 100℃ for 3¹/₂ to 4 hours (keep an eye on it, if it starts to get too crispy they’re done!)

3. Allow to cool for an hour.

4. Add your fruit to a bowl, plate, or whichever container you would like to use. Mix with a cup of star anise, a cup of broken up cinnamon sticks and a hand full of pine cones.

Top Tip: Add some different fruits such as berries to give it a sweeter smell, just keep trying different combinations until you find your perfect smell.

Leave this on your kitchen table or a work surface and allow it’s scent to drift around your entire house filling the rooms with a comforting, alluring and welcoming aroma.


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