Be A Bodyguard for Your Property

The BBC has taken the nation by storm with its new drama series, The Bodyguard. It offers a behind the scenes look at the life of a Home Secretary in the midst of a full-scale terror attack. When she and her Protection Specialist are not dodging bullets or fighting off the imminent threat, they are trying to resist the urge to let the intense time they spend together get the better of them. It’s quite clear to see that their relationship is more than a professional one, but could this be more of a threat than the crazed extremists trying to take her life?

Several ex-protection specialists have been interviewed about the programme and a couple have even helped write and produce the BBC hit. It has been likened to some real-life situations but obviously has a ‘hollywood’ spin on it, however, it does highlight the extreme situations that could arise if some problems aren’t nipped in the bud!

It made me ask the question, how can you protect or maybe even increase the value of your home?

Things to Do to Add Value to The Price of Your Property:      Convert Your Garage into a Living Space

Providing your garage is not filled to the brim with old bikes and/or golf clubs, converting the space into another living area can really boost the value of your property. This would obviously need some professional help, simply painting the brick walls and chucking some sofas in there will not cut it as it needs to be structurally sound and signed off, however, doing so could add up to 15% value to your property.

Convert Your Loft into Another Bedroom

If extending out the back or side is not an option then the only way up! It is becoming ever popular to expand into the loft of your property, it is a great way to add more space but still conserve the original footprint and not eat into any garden space. This will again need a professional to complete the job but once done, your property prices could shoot through the roof…

Apply for Planning Permission

If you were looking to sell up and move on to your next property then obtaining planning permission for an extension could increase the value. If someone is looking to move to the area and likes the look of your property but needs a bit more space then having the permission to extend will be a massive bonus. This will also save potential buyers the time and money of going through the process themselves, it also allows people to put their own personal touch on their new home

Things to Avoid When it Comes to Adding Value to Your Property:  Converting a Bedroom Into an ‘Office’

If you are thinking of staying in the property and using a bedroom as an office because it is a more practical use of space that is completely fine, however, listing a room as an office rather than the original bedroom could cost you money. You will always get more interest and a better price if you sell your property as a 3 bedroom for instance, rather than a 2 bedroom with an office.

Spending Too Much on Home Improvements

Although having a nice interior in your property will always give you the higher end value, spending too much on a kitchen or bathroom, for example, could cut your nose to spite your face! It is important to get the balance right between getting the right aesthetics and over budgeting for improvements.

Adding a Swimming Pool or a Hot Tub

In contrary to social conceptions, adding a heart-shaped pool or a 10 person ‘party-tub’ will not always be a good home improvement to make. In most circumstances people will not want or be able to pay for the upkeep of these additions, meaning that they will not want to pay over the odds for these pleasures. It may not always lower the value, however, it will certainly restrict the demographic that you are selling to.   

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