Take The Property Market by Storm in 5 Simple Steps


We’ve listed 5 sure-fire ways to get your property to the top of the pack when it comes to selling.

Give the Place a Good Tidy

If you are getting pictures taken of your home or even showing potential buyers around, then give the place a spruce up! Your estate agent should talk you through the best way to present your home, however, just be aware of leaving your ‘tighty whiteys’ out on the airer and yesterday’s dinner plates on the side.

When it comes to the online portals, the pictures will be the main thing to catch the potential buyers eye, they are hugely important and often overlooked! Make sure that the agent uses the right equipment and knows what they are doing. If you are paying for a professional photo cache, make sure you get one!

Make it Easy for People to Imagine Themselves Living There

If you have someone coming to view the property, make it as homely as possible. Lay the dinner table, let people visualise their family sitting around it, make the bed up nicely and give it a hotel feel about it and bake some bread or brew some fresh coffee – all things that will make people feel more at home. If people can picture themselves living there and see it as a nice place for their family then they will be more likely to convince themselves of wanting to buy the property.



Stay Out of the Way

When people are walking around the property, just leave them to it! Hanging off of their coattails will not only make them feel uneasy, but it can make them assume there are problems that you will cover up by pouncing on them when you get near to them. Let them take their time to have a good look around and just answer any questions at the end of their viewings. However, be sure to let them know you are there to offer any assistance.

Choose the Right Estate Agent

98% of potential buyers now look online for their next property or their first home, make sure their marketing techniques are up to date and they don’t just chuck an advert in their window and hope for the best. You don’t have to pay 1.5% to sell your property, some online agents will offer a flat fee, however, hybrid agents can offer you the low fixed fees of an online agent combined with the local knowledge and office of a traditional Estate Agent.

Most agents will operate under a ‘sole agency agreement’ which means that you can only advertise through that one agent! Be careful because if you sign up with more than one and your property sells you could be liable to pay each of the fees for the agents you have instructed.  

Keep Your Garden Tidy 

This is vitally important if your potential buyer has a young family and also ties in with the second point. If someone is looking for a new family home, having a shopping trolley on your lawn with 3 foot of grass poking out of it will not please the eye at all. I know that this is easily rectified, however, first impressions are everything and you want create a great one and avoid anything to negate your property.

The front garden is massively important as well, if a potential buyer turns up and your front garden is overgrown and they have to use a machete to get to the front door, again it’s not a good start! Make sure that it makes a good first impression and if you have a driveway out the front of your house make sure that it is de-weeded and presentable, also leave a space for them to park on – again, this will make them feel ‘at home’.   

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