Where are the most affordable property hotspots?

Whether you are looking to buy the perfect family home in some secluded woodland paradise or looking for high returns on buy-to-let student housing, presented below are some of the best hotspot options for both buyers and investors alike.

Areas of outstanding natural beauty

In terms of pure desirability, areas of outstanding natural beauty (AONB) can be considered the hottest property spots of all. Following research carried out by Hampton International in 2015, which sought to uncover the places where ‘desirable meet affordable’, Project Leader Johnny Morris concluded that, “Life in the country, a good view and not too many neighbours seem to be the secret formula to happiness”. However, as one can probably guess, this secret formula typically comes at a high price. So where, amongst AONB, are the most affordable properties to be found? The answer is in the Cumbrian district of Allerdale. While still not cheap – house prices in the market town of Keswick, for example, stand at around 77% more expensive than the average in Cumbria – properties in Allerdale are still amongst the most affordable for AONB, offering the best balance between house price and resident satisfaction.


The incredible draw of the city of Liverpool is reflected in the doubling of its population between 2001 and 2011. The resulting economic growth is being used to redevelop large parts of the city, such as the docks and China Town, as well as giving a new injection of life to Liverpool’s already popular culture. Plans for the UK’s new HS2 rail system will also see Liverpool linked up with many other major cities, including Manchester which will become reachable in just 20 minutes. The good news for would-be buyers is that, while the demand for modern downtown properties, such as the popular Silkhouse Court, currently outweighs the supply, average house prices in Liverpool still sit comfortably below many other areas of the UK. Flambard Williams has a great a selection of Liverpool properties from which buyers can expect to yield high returns on.

The Northern Powerhouse

Although Liverpool is placed to become 2017’s most affordable property hotspot investment-wise, the government’s Northern Powerhouse scheme will make all of the UK’s major northern cities ripe for investment, too. After some initial post-Brexit uncertainty, all forecasts for development in cities such as Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester and Newcastle look set to be realised. Extortionate living costs in London and increased student numbers in these northern cities have contributed to a booming buy-to-let market.

Hotspots for commuting to the capital

In recent years, the surrounding towns of London (Brent, Slough, etc.) have proved to be affordable, if slightly less desirable, options for city workers. Properties in south-eastern beauty spots meanwhile, although reasonably close to the capital, are simply unaffordable to many. The best balance to be found here might be in the properties of East Cambridgeshire, which also ranked highly in the Hampton International research. According to the Cambridge News, there are plans to build 11,400 new houses so that the area’s “extraordinary quality of life” can be shared by more people.

So there you have it; the most affordable property hotspots in the UK today.

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