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Sheffield is the UK’s third largest city. With a population of over half a million and over 60,000 students, this vibrant City is a place that all investors should consider.


Situated in the heart of South Yorkshire on the edge of the M1, Sheffield is one of the UK’s most accessible cities. Once known as a simple manufacturing city, Sheffield has fast become a hub for multiple industries including technology, science, art and engineering. The two universities have played a major role in transforming the City into a modern, forward thinking location, hence the reason why many students choose to remain in Sheffield after their studies.


We are now seeing investment pouring into the City from businesses, the local Council and Government. The Northern Powerhouse is at the forefront of this current Government's policies and Sheffield is a major part of this. With the dynamic of the City changing we have seen Sheffield rise up the rankings; in 2015 it was within the top 7% of local authorities for inward investment.

Buy-to-Let Market

The Buy-to-Let market is strong in Sheffield. In 2015 The Telegraph reported the City as being the best buy-to-let city in the UK offering returns of over 11%. Of course this yield has been eroded with increasing property prices, but it is still conceivable to achieve between 7-9% in Sheffield.

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