Website Developer

As a leading company in the property investment industry, recently taking on board a number of exciting projects, we're looking to expand our close-knit team by bringing on board a Web Developer who is proficient in WordPress and front end skills.

We're looking for someone to hit the ground running, who takes pride in their attention to detail and can bring good communication and self initiative to the genuinely friendly, creative office environment here at Flambard Williams.


Your day to day tasks will include…


- Create new professional websites

- Maintain and develop our existing suite of websites

- SEO optimisation, fixing website issues

- Liaising with the Marketing Manager to update the website and work on strategies

- Provide frontend support of existing websites (e.g. cross browser issues)

- Assist the existing team in developing new solutions to improve User Experience


You’re a perfect candidate if you have…


- Good experience with WordPress, Plugins and general development (front and back end)

- A strong grasp of PHP / MySQL both within and outside of WordPress

- A keen understanding of HTML5 / CSS3 (SASS) and best practices

- JavaScript (incl. jQuery)

- Have good experience with CSS frameworks (for example Bootstrap, Foundation etc )


Let’s get personal…


We don't just want to bring on board an employee, we want to expand the cohesive team we have already. To fit in seamlessly you should:

-  Approach tasks with a problem-solver mindset

-  Be motivated and always looking to improve

-  A good communicator

-  Use your initiative and come up with new, innovative ideas

-  Able to think clearly when under pressure


If you satisfy all of the above get in touch by sending your CV to, along with some examples of your work. If successful you will be invited to interview at our head office.

Salary dependant on experience.

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